Now Open near Home Depot in South Provo

On University Avenue just before the two I-15 entrance ramps!

We are currenly open mornings Tuesday to Saturday. 

Each day we sell one great breakfast BEWETO.

Tuesday, Bacon with fried potatoes, mixed cheeses, scrambled eggs, and our special Colorado style pork green chile sauce.

Wednesday, Barbacoa beef with fried potatoes, mixed cheeses, scrambled egges and red adobo style sauce.

Thursday, Sweet pulled pork, fried potatoes, scrambled eggs, and green chili sauce.

Friday, Sausage with cream gravy, fried potatoes, scrambled eggs, and mixed cheeses.

Saturday, Chicken with green chili cream cheese,fried potatoes, scrambled eggs, and green chili sauce.

A BEWETO is a breakfast full of love. A BEWETO store is where we sell BEWETOs and related items. The first unit opened for on 5/26/23 in Orem, Utah at the corner of State Street and University Parkway by the Big 5 store for a three week test run.

The Story of BEWETO

BEWETO is a new sort of enterprise. We aim to do just one thing, and do it very well. Each day, our menu is just one very good breakfast burrito, and that BEWETO changes every day of the week, so we make five very good breakfast BEWETOs, and sell one of them on each day. And we make each one with love, making it a breakfast full of love.

And our aim is not only to feed your body, but to also feed your soul. Every BEWETO comes wrapped in the latest edition of th Be We Bee, a “good news” paper that will give you encouragement to start your day, by providing you QR codes linked to local news and inspirational audio that you can listen to on your drive to do your daily activities.

All individual BEWETOs are sold at a “suggested price”. We want you to feel that you are getting a great value every time. So you can actually “pay as you please”. If you’re a bit short of funds one morning, just get us the next time. And if a particular BEWETO was either more or less than you expected, or you'd like to add a gratuity that is shared by all who bring you your BEWETO, pay accordingly each time or the next time.

If you really, really love BEWETO, maybe you would like to own and operate your own BEWETO enterprise. We are looking for owner operators who would like to make their family a part of our family. Please contact Treyeshua at gmail if you have any interest in that.

You may have noticed that BEWETO family members who operate BEWETO wear our Be We One shirts and hats. You can “join the family” by purchasing your own Be We One apparel.

The message of Be We One is as simple as this enterprise, and the apparel was sold long before our first BEWETO. It is the core message of all true religion, that we all grow and learn to Be We One. And when you visit BEWETO wearing Be We One apparel, look forward to special treatment and even special freebies, like gift cards to give to your friends and family.

You can purchase Be We One apparel at BEWETO or online at or

BEWETO is owned by Y Love, Inc., a Texas corporation that has been doing business since the early 1980s.  Individual units are owned by individual operators. The founder and sole owner of the company is Tom "Treyeshua" Tomeny.  There are several trademarks pending on the names used on this site. Please contact Treyeshua at gmail or on his cell phone at 214 228 6519 if you would like further information. 

LIcenses to operate and sell Beweto products are now available! Email Treyeshua at gmail for the details.